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Autor Mesaj
# Postat: 19 Mai 2018 14:48


Sorry for the long story but I need your thoughts on how I should handle this situation. I had a very old Genie garage door opener that was acting up. The door would slide back down a little after opening sometimes. So I called the repair guys. They came out (after a week wait) and told me they could adjust the door for $125 but I really needed a new opener that would be $400 or more. I opted for the adjustment. I figured the door still worked well most of the time.
So the repair guys adjusted the door and did lots of opening and closing the door. Then when they were about finished the motor started smoking. They said it was overheated and would work fine when it cooled off. They left. Well the door never worked again. It was burned up. So I called the owner and told him his guys killed my opener and for them to come out and put in a new opener. He said OK but the price was still $400 or so and more for a bigger 3/4 hp motor. I said I would call him back. My door is 8 ft x 16 feet segmented red wood so it weighs a lot. I am told it is marginal for a 1/2 hp motor so a 3/4 hp motor is necessary. After a lot of talk the owner agreed to put in the 3/4 hp motor for $450ish. He say it will be a week to get this done. So the guys come out and put in the new 3/4 hp Lift Master opener. It comes with one car opener and one wall mount opener. My home has two wall switch door openers and a outside key pad opener plus three cars openers. The guys only get one wall opener working and give me one fob opener. They say they cannot get my other stuff to work and that the boss will have to come out. I call the next day and the boss say he is busy until next week. I am now three weeks into a simple door fix. I read on the internet that my wall switches and key pad are too old and will not work with the new stuff. It also says my old car openers will not work with this new garage opener. So now I have no idea how this next round of repairs is going to get completed or what it will cost. Each of the "new style opener switches" on the internet is $33 to $40. I may need 3-4 of these things. Right now the boss is scheduled to come out next week and I am staying here especially to get this task completed.
So what should I do when he comes out? I am feeling pretty POed. This is classic screw ups by dumb workers and a boss who likely knew all this stuff to start. And they want me to pay for the mess they created.
Any ideas? Or suggestions?

Please help.

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