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Amenajari Interioare / Fose septice / Emptying the septic tank
Autor Mesaj
# Postat: 14 Mai 2018 09:48


I need some advice on what to do with a problem with my tenant and the septic tank. When this renter moved in last year, I had the septic tank emptied. I usually only do this every 3 years or so. She just left me a message that the septic was backing up, so she called the septic company to find out what was up. They told her the tank was full and charged her to empty it, which she wants me to pay. I feel it is a consumption issue (she has a big family) and she should pay it. I have nothing in my contract specifically about the septic (I will add it next time, though!). I am unwilling to pay this bill after I paid almost $300 to have it done last year. Advice? Opinions?

Please help.

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