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Amenajari Interioare / Fose septice / Septic tank issues
Autor Mesaj
# Postat: 14 Mai 2018 09:45


My house was built in 76, have no idea if the previous owner ever had septic tank pumped. I haven't had any back-up issues in the house or anything like that. However recently, before all the rain here in the south, i've noticed standing water above where the septic tank sits about 10-12 feet away from the house. The dogs started digging it up i got it pumped. The spetic guys said everything looked fine and it needed pumped but told us to keep an eye on drainfield????? At first the standing water was gone, but eventually it came back again. i fgured it was the overly saturated ground. Well when we flush the toilet, take a shower, run washing machine, dishwasher can see water coming out of the ground just flowing like there is a busted pipe leading to the septic tank and water is just flowing into the yard. Any ideas?? the septic guys said the drainfield needs to be replaced but it looks like a pipe is not connected to the septic tank itself cause water is just flowing out of the ground!

Please help.

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